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Male Fertility & Sperm Count

Male infertility makes up 50% of all infertility cases — so what can men do to ensure their ongoing fertility? 

Watch this webinar with male fertility expert Dr Hossam Elzeiny to learn the lifestyle advice that can optimise fertility in men, the options if you’ve had a vasectomy, and the role of testosterone. 

Male fertility is the second largest cause of infertility in couples

Infertility is often thought to be a female issue, however, Dr Hossam explains that half of infertility is male. 1 in 20 men have low sperm numbers, and 1 in 100 men have no sperm in the ejaculate. 

Causes of male infertility range from various syndromes or drug effects to infection, chromosomal abnormalities or trauma to the testicle area. In many cases there are solutions available to men with infertility who want to conceive.  

Some male infertility is reversible through lifestyle change

Before exploring more invasive treatment options, men can begin by making lifestyle changes to increase their fertility and sperm count. Reducing heat exposure is a great place to begin! 

Reduce smoking and alcohol

Many young couples who are planning a family are also in a stage of life where drinking alcohol or smoking are a part of a social lifestyle. However, alcohol can affect sperm quality and the male reproductive hormones. Reducing alcohol intake and smoking will improve reproductive and hormonal health, promoting the chance of conception for both men and women. 

Maintain a healthy weight

A healthy body weight range and an anti-inflammatory diet such as the Mediterranean diet can help to improve chances of a healthy sperm count. 

Avoid steroid use

Testosterone and steroids act as a contraceptive, suppressing key reproductive hormones. Where testosterone therapy is needed, it should be done after a man’s reproductive life stage is over. 

The best place to start is with semen analysis

Dr Hossam explains that for men who want to understand their fertility picture, the best place to begin is with semen analysis. Getting the correct diagnosis of the fertility issue early on will enable the couple to resolve the issues accurately and early to proceed to successful pregnancy. 

Learn more about Virtus Health’s pioneering research into biomarkers which predict embryo health

About Dr Elzeiny

Dr Hossam Elzeiny is one of the Virtus Health experts in male infertility with the highest success rate in sperm retrieval. He also holds public appointments as a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Fertility Specialist at Reproductive Services at the Royal Women's Hospital. He is one of the few reproductive endocrinologists in Australia who can help men with zero sperm count using the most sophisticated microscopic sperm extraction procedure. 

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