The science behind WellBeing.

It’s simple: we evaluate and combine your daily habits and your blood markers to give you a greater understanding of your body. The result? Better control over your health.

WellBeing analyses 25 blood markers.

Conventional blood tests measure individual blood markers (such as cholesterol) and provide advice based on population averages.

WellBeing analyses 25 blood biomarkers in an accredited laboratory at the UNSW in Sydney to provide a deeper, personalised reflection of your health across sleep, stress, energy, inflammation, fitness and body fat composition. You can learn about those markers here.

We also provide evidence-based next steps and resources to help you make positive lifestyle adjustments before your next WellBeing test.

Access the latest evidence.

WellBeing  ensures your health journey is aligned with the latest scientific research. We also provide access to events and on-demand webinars with curated health and wellbeing experts to help you learn more about topics that are important to you.

Own your health insights.

Each WellBeing report, insight and next step that we provide is owned by you. You have lifetime access your health data anytime through your secure online account.

Why proteins and hormones are only part of the story.

We analyse specific proteins and hormones and combine them with your daily habits data over time because this provides a highly personalised reflection of your underlying well-being.
When it comes to your health, these biomarkers are only part of the story. Other variables come into play, including genetics and your environment.

Because WellBeing is a journey.

Wellbeing is a journey, not a destination - the WellBeing test provides personalised insights into how your body is changing over time and empowers you to make insight-driven lifestyle decisions to continuously improve your health.

Your privacy matters.

We know you trust us with your most important health data, and keeping that trust is our highest priority. You choose how your information is used and how we collect, use and disclose your information.
We encrypt data-in-transit and undergo regular privacy and security audits to protect your privacy and data.

Our rigorous quality standards.

All blood samples are processed in our ISO 17025 accredited PC2 lab.

Importantly, our experienced senior scientists and medical experts use a rigorous process to generate and review your personalised reports, which are also based on well-established technologies and computer algorithms, and independently verified quality standards and scientific evidence.

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