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Understanding Your WellBeing Results

Join Amelia Phillips and the Drop Bio Health team to understand your WellBeing Test results better and set the health goals that will most benefit your health.

The Core Elements of Your WellBeing Report

On the home page, you will see a high-level summary of your blood tests, lifestyle assessment, and biological age. These three reports are generated independently and are designed to give you insight into different aspects of your health.

  • The Lifestyle Assessment is the key to your future health. What you are doing at the moment may influence your biological age and your blood results in the future. Therefore, use this report to see the areas you should focus on to improve your results going forward. This assessment displays an overall score and individual scores for each lifestyle area. The graphic measures longevity - if the graphic is orange,  your habits are having a negative impact on your health, yellow a neutral impact and green a positive impact.   
  • The biological age measures the pattern of age-related biomarkers in your blood and compares it to the expected pattern for someone of your chronological age. It is important to note that bio age is calculated independently from your blood results - so, it is possible to have a very healthy blood score and a higher biological age.
  • Blood test scores are based on blood biomarkers used to indicate your levels of health for the core pillars of wellbeing, which include Energy, Sleep, Stress, Inflammation, Fitness and Body Fat Composition. 

Once you complete your second test, all these elements will be combined into the My Journey page - so you can see how your health has changed as you worked on your daily habits.

The Lifestyle Assessment

The Lifestyle assessment ranks each lifestyle category according to the impact it is having on your future health. Green for a positive impact, yellow for a neutral impact and orange for a negative impact. This section is designed to give you insight into where you should focus on to improve your future health and as such, it is a vital element of your report. 

It is important to note that some categories, for instance, smoking, have a heavier weight on your overall score than others. This is based on the impact each category has on your future health.

The Biological Age

Your chronological age and biological age might not be the same. Chronological age is the number of years you've been alive, while biological age refers to how old your cells and tissues are based on physiological evidence. 

The great news is that lifestyle has a substantial impact on your biological age and health. This means that biological age is something you can improve!

Drop Bio Health calculates your biological age using six blood biomarkers associated with ageing.  These biomarkers have the ability to predict an individual’s age and their relationship with healthy ageing.

If you are younger than your biological age, your blood biomarkers levels for this specific assessment align with people chronologically younger than you. 

If you are older than your biological age, your blood biomarkers levels for this specific assessment align with people chronologically older than you.

The Blood Test Results

The WellBeing Blood Test classifies your blood biomarker results into 6 categories considered core pillars of health: Energy, Sleep, Stress, Inflammation, Fitness and Body Fat Composition. 

This report displays a score out of 100 and a colour code for each core health category. The colour scale represents the number of biomarkers out of range and how much they are out of range. For instance:  

  • With a value above 80, most, if not all, biomarkers will be within or at an insignificant distance from the normal range.

  • With a value below 20,  most, if not all, biomarkers will be out of range or at a significant distance from the normal range. 

The colour scale is helpful for you to quickly identify and prioritise specific categories. Because each category has a different impact on your health, they contribute differently to the overall score.

Under each category, you will find the individual blood biomarker readings - the dark teal area of each bar represents the healthy range for your sex and age. This is designed in what's known as a 95% reference interval, meaning that 95 out of 100 healthy people fall within this range. Still, by that definition, 5 healthy people will fall outside that range, which is normal.

The Bottom Line

The WellBeing Test is a Tool to help you identify how your body is responding to your lifestyle, and we encourage you to look at your results with a curious, investigative mindset - trying to identify the source or the reason why you feel the way you do!

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