A Letter From Our CEO

Hi and thanks for your interest, it means the world to me and the team.

I’m Phil Hayes St Clair, one of the co-founders and CEO at Drop Bio Health.

Our curiosity and decades of scientific literature about chronic inflammation inspired us to start Drop Bio Health, because we believe it has the potential to usher in a new era of personalised healthcare.

As we’ll show you, chronic inflammation plays a central role in changes to our health and chronic disease. What I find most exciting is that today we have the technology to surface personalised knowledge about inflammation. Even better, each day more people like you and me are taking an active interest in our health, with the help of such information.

Today, we’re building services that combine scientific evidence, technology and lived experience to directly help:

  • People wanting to conveniently track lifestyle interventions using their own bio markers
  • Doctors seeking to improve effectiveness of assisted reproductive services including IVF
  • Individuals looking for information, connection and encouragement as they move through their health journeys
  • Clinician researchers looking for ways to better understand mental health and develop next generation models of telehealth-enabled care
  • Families wanting to act on early warning of chronic diseases including reversing pre-type II diabetes diagnosis

Is Drop Bio Health a women’s health company?
I get this question a lot. The short answer is no. That said, our journey started with a focus on women’s health because of the important role that chronic inflammation plays in fertility, pregnancy, postpartum health and menopause.

At a deeper level, and as a husband and girl dad, and participant in countless conversations with women seeking to understand their health, I often feel like a war correspondent. Hearing stories of fear, frustration and a lack of control. It’s heartbreaking.

We show up each day to help individuals, their partners and doctors to act on personalised health insights and it doesn’t stop there. As a result of chronic inflammation’s central role in immunity and health, we also focus on mental health and will soon apply our technology and knowledge to chronic diseases including type-II diabetes, arthritis and cancer. All from finger prick blood collected at home.

We are tremendously excited about the future and our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to personalised health, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Reach out to me anytime and stay tuned to learn about our product launches

All my best,

Phil Hayes St Clair
Co-founder & CEO,
Drop Bio Health