How it Works:



Order your at-home collection kit and answer our habits survey online. Your kit is delivered by Express Post and usually arrives within 2 to 3 days.


Follow kit instructions to collect your finger-prick blood sample and mail it back to our laboratory in the pre-paid package.



In approximately 3 weeks,  your WellBeing reports will be ready in your secure online account. Log in and see how your habits have influenced your health.



Test every 3 or 6 months to track how changes in your habits have influenced your body over time.



Want to know more?

Know your body. Own your health.

WellBeing helps people like you to better understand how your habits are influencing your health and wellbeing. We do this by comparing how you feel and what your blood biomarkers are saying over time. This helps deepen your understanding of your body and gives you better control over your health.

We provide you with this insight by asking you to complete a daily habits survey. On the same day you will then collect a finger prick blood sample at home, following simple instructions that is easy to do on your own. Collecting your sample according to the instructions is vital to helping us accurately analyse your blood sample.

After collecting your blood sample, post it (using the prepaid express postage included) back to the Drop Bio Health Laboratory at the University of New South Wales.

How do we analyse your blood sample?

Drop Bio Health's scientists analyse your blood sample using a multiplex immunoassay, a well-established and reliable platform for analysing protein and hormone blood biomarkers.

An immunoassay is an accurate test carried out in our accredited laboratory to detect the presence and concentration of specific molecules in the blood. This highly specific and sensitive test simultaneously measures 36 different blood biomarkers.

These biomarkers were selected and validated based on our internal studies and a significant scientific body of evidence supporting their role as indicators of health across 7 key lifestyle areas; sleep, stress, energy levels, nutrition & diet, exercise, inflammation and alcohol consumption.

Your WellBeing Report.

Once your daily habit survey and blood analysis is complete, your WellBeing Report will be generated. Your report is reviewed by our experienced senior scientists.

The final result? A personalised reflection of your health and wellbeing in your secure online account. Your WellBeing Report will reveal how in touch you are with your current health state, accompanied by actionable next steps and courses to help you achieve your best health.

Our rigorous quality standards.

All blood samples are processed in our ISO 17025 accredited PC2 lab.

Importantly, our experienced senior scientists and medical experts use a rigorous process to generate and review your personalised reports which are also based on well established technologies and computer algorithms, and independently verified quality standards and scientific evidence.

Your Privacy Matters.

We know you are trusting us with your most important health data, and keeping that trust is our highest priority.

You choose how your information is used and how we collect, use and disclose your information.

We also encrypt data-in-transit and undergo regular privacy and security audits to protect your privacy and data.