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Mental Health: The Missing Piece In Fertility Treatment

Alice shares her IVF journey and the importance of seeking support

"It's not just about having support — you need the correct support when you lose an embryo or have a failed transfer"

Alice Almeida generously shares her own story about fertility and its effect on her mental health — that's why she's started the Amber Network.

We discussed the areas of life and mental health that you'll need to consider, from counselling to financial support, and why it's important to plan ahead and put support in place.

You'll hear Alice's practical advice from her own experience that you can apply, including the importance of connecting with like-minded women who understand the journey.

If you're on your fertility journey now, you're thinking about fertility treatment or you know someone who is, this is a must-watch event, and one to share with your loved ones.

During the event, Alice shares her advice for taking care of yourself during your fertility journey. Here’s what she recommended, based on her own experience:

Alice’s recommendations for wellbeing during fertility treatment:

  • Seek help
  • Find your “thing” — meditation, family, beach etc
  • Build a support network and communicate how you need to be supported
  • Schedule and prioritise time to focus on your mental health
  • Know you are not alone, the feelings are real and justified, you are not a failure
  • Take each step in the journey at your own pace
  • Seek second opinions
  • Speak to others who have been on the journey

Check out The Amber Network to learn more about Alice Almeida and the services that can support your fertility journey, and join The WellBeing Group to connect with like-minded people in a private, free Facebook group.

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