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IVF Explained with Professor Yazdani

Ever wondered exactly what happens during IVF?

Professor Anusch Yazdani explains the processes involved and how to navigate conception in Australia during the pandemic.

If you’ve started your fertility journey since the pandemic began, you may have questions about how to access support and whether IVF services have changed. To answer your questions and provide an introduction to IVF and it’s processes, Professor Anusch Yazdani of Virtus Health joins The Drop In to explain the various aspects a fertility journey can involve.

In this interactive conversation, we’ll explore the various treatment options available to you when you are trying to conceive. You’ll gain an in depth insight into IVF, from preparation, to stimulation, pickups and the all-important pregnancy test, plus what happens next. We’ll also cover the fertility options that are available in and out of lockdowns, hotspots and during pandemic closures across Australia.

Associate Professor Anusch Yazdani is the Medical Director of Queensland Fertility Group (QFG). He is a subspecialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility and an advanced reproductive surgeon with a uniquely personal and patient centred approach, focusing on an in-depth understanding of individual circumstance and tailoring a highly specific treatment plan.

Anusch is dedicated to detail: his diligence and patience maximises outcomes for both fertility and gynaecology patients in a collaborative framework. Anusch specialises in reproductive endocrinology, focusing on hormonal problems, assisted reproduction, fertility preservation, endometriosis, pelvic pain, recurrent IVF failure and pregnancy loss. Surgically, he specialises in excisional endometriosis surgery and reconstructive reproductive surgery (including tubal reanastomosis and fibroids).

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