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Cultivating Psychological Flexibility

Dr Kaitlin Harkess, clinical psychologist and senior yoga instructor, explains how stress plays out in your mind and body and how you can harness psychological flexibility to reduce your susceptibility to chronic stress and live a more fulfilling, values-oriented life.

The webinar will equip you with three tools of psychological flexibility, plus how yoga, mindfulness and movement can help you to develop the awareness and openness that enables you to engage in meaningful change within your own life.

Key takeaways

  • Mind & body connection
  • The impact of stress on the body
  • How to be value-orientated
  • How yoga, mindfulness, and movement can help awareness
  • How to produce meaningful changes

About Dr Kaitlin Harkess

Dr. Kaitlin Harkess is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Senior Yoga Instructor who is passionate about supporting individuals to live intentional lives that align with their deepest values. Kaitlin is particularly interested in integrative psychology approaches. She has completed published research exploring the psychoneuroimmunological and epigenetic practice of yoga as a tool to support individuals experiencing chronic stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Kaitlin deeply values integrity and believes it is important that individuals can access psychological well-being tools that are evidence-based. In alignment with this, Kaitlin hosts the weekly Wisdom for Wellbeing podcast and has developed a modern psychological course called Yoga Brain 101, where she teaches psychological flexibility skills alongside specially designed mindful-movement practices [www.drkaitlin.com/yogabrain]. Kaitlin runs a boutique private psychology practice in Adelaide [www.embodiedpsychology.com.au] and enjoys sharing resources on both Instagram and Facebook [@drkaitlin].

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