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Overcoming Trauma

Over the past few years, many of us have faced substantial collective trauma living through the pandemic, wars, and economic distress. The response to traumatic situations varies profoundly from person to person; however, connecting and sharing experiences can often be transformative and empowering. 


In this webinar, we combine clinical and personal perspectives as three guests joined us to discuss the different types of trauma and pathways to recovery. Jennifer Beaton is a Counselling Psychologist with a particular interest and research in Women and Trauma who will offer a clinical perspective on the different types of trauma and their impact on our bodies. Professor Craig Hassed has been working within the Faculty of Medicine at Monash University since 1989. He is also the coordinator of mindfulness programs across Monash and will join the conversation to discuss pathways to recovery and adjunct therapies that can offer additional support. Finally, trauma survivor Megan Flamer will share her personal experience of identification and recovery from compound trauma and how it led her to found Mindful Under Fire, an organisation that provides training for individuals and teams to succeed in high-pressure situations. 


This event is meant to remind us we’re not alone and offers the support and motivation to seek help and help one another as we heal together. 


Key points covered 

- Definitions of single, complex and collective trauma

- How trauma may look/feel in the body and how to identify

- Personal perspectives of trauma 

- Clinical suggestions on overcoming trauma

-Adjunct therapies and tools to help support recovery

-Ways we can support those who have experienced trauma


Jennifer Beaton is an endorsed counselling psychologist and works in private practice. Jennifer has a special interest in complex trauma. She is the lead author of a peer-reviewed journal article Chronic mistrust and complex trauma: Australian psychologists’ perspectives on the treatment of young women with a history of childhood maltreatment (Beaton, J. & Thielking, M., 2019). Jennifer has been a tutor in Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science for 10 years teaching into the health enhancement program for medicine students and similar programs in other faculties of the university.


Professor Craig Hassed (OAM) is the founding Director of Education at the Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies and is coordinator of mindfulness programs across Monash. Craig has authored over 110 papers in peer-reviewed journals and published 14 books.


Megan Flamer is Director of Innovation for the Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies. Her company Mindful Under Fire continues to provide training in the US and Australia for individuals and teams to succeed in high-pressure situations.

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