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Are Emotions Making You Sick?

Emotions aren't just in your mind — they quite often physically manifest on the body. In this free webinar, Dr Aimee Brown explains how emotions can impact your health and the daily functions of your body. You'll also learn to tap into your nervous system's natural calming mechanisms to regain your equilibrium.

About Dr Aimee Brown

Dr Aimee Brown is a is Holistic Chiropractor of 12 years, Personal Trainer, Ultramarathon Runner and Mother of three, based in Manning, Perth. She's passionate about the mind & body connection.

With a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, she looks at all aspects of wellbeing from diet & lifestyle to mindset, sleep & exercise. Aimee draws on Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique & Neurolink in her practice, acknowledging the interconnected nature of physical & physiological health so no issue is addressed in isolation.

Aimee’s unique approach to treatment allows her to support people of all ages & backgrounds, from newborns to the elderly & office workers to athletes.

Seminars on Demand