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Supporting Families Through Maternity Leave Transitions

Guidance on navigating return to work for new parents

When a mother transitions onto maternity leave it marks a time of significant change and adjustment for the entire family. It is also a major shift for women as they move from their role as an employee into that of a mother. Returning to work after a period of maternity leave can be just as daunting, but knowing exactly what support is available throughout this time can help to make these transitions smoother.

Rebecca Grainger is the founder of Triiyo, a workforce connectivity tool that creates connections between people during life moments and leave periods, such as parental leave and mental illness. She joined Drop for this live event in October 2020 to share her insights into how families can best navigate this important life transition.

Why watch the replay?

In this event replay, Rebecca shared her insights into:

  • How to have a supportive parental leave experience
  • Tips to remain connected whilst on leave
  • How to create an easier transition back into work after parental leave

If you or someone you know is transitioning onto maternity leave, already on it or about to return to work, this event replay is a must-watch. It also contains insights for HR professionals wanting to gain insights on how to best support the mothers in their team.

Looking for more resources? These eight resources can help guide parents request flexible working arrangements, understand parental leave pay and navigate many aspects of the maternity leave transition.

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