WellBeing For Teams.

Engaging and evidence-based virtual events for your team.

WellBeing For Teams is an online event-driven community of curated speakers and experts. We offer:

  • Accessible virtual events with a focus dedicated to helping women and men to regularly learn, laugh and deepen their knowledge on topics related to health and wellbeing.
  • Regular event delivery so your team members (and families) can engage when the time is right for them.
  • Confidentiality and convenience for your team. Attendees register with personal email addresses with options to manage their email communications.
  • Replays for every event, shared within 48 hours, with all replays available on-demand.
  • Event topics and seamless registration available three months in advance via your own branded company partnership page.
  • No time-consuming content creation required. We supply everything you need to share event details within your existing comms.

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Our Themes for 2022

Nailing the New Year

Nail the new year by building healthy habits across the areas of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.

Feel good February

Dive into energy levels and how to maintain them through fitness, nutrition and health hacking.

Men's Health March

Supporting men and the men in our lives - it’s time to take a holistic approach to men’s health.

Active April

Live exercise classes, expert tips and motivation to get you moving and keep you moving!

Mindful May

It’s time to get mindful and better manage stress.

Immunity June

Winter is coming, so empower yourself with a better understanding immunity and how to support your immune system.

Sleep Sound July

Snuggle up and dive into the world of sleep, the impact it has on your health and how to optimise the rest we get.

August Deep Dive on Alcohol

It’s time to explore the impact alcohol has on the mind and body along with ways you can reduce consumption.

Women's Health Super September

Focus on women’s health and wellness, guided by Drop Bio’s strong network of female practitioners.

Optimal October
Eating for Wellbeing

What is eating for health? An expert-led look at the different diet and diet-related chronic conditions and how to manage and optimise for each.

November Hack Your Health

Hack your health! Making the most out of the various resources and tools you can use to improve health including your GP, physio, apps and gadgets.

Do It Together December

It’s time to focus on family - from conception and fertility to parenting and supporting kids to be healthy at every age and stage.