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Harnessing Hormones Natural Ways To Balance Your Cycle

Naturopath Georgia Hartmann (BHSc) shares insights into hormones and our health

Did you know that we have over 200 hormones in our body? Our hormones affect everything that we do, and everything we do affects our hormone balance too.

To learn more about the role hormones play in our health, as well as the lifestyle strategies we can use to balance our hormones, we invited naturopath and nutritionist Georgia Hartmann to share her insights with our community.

In this webinar you’ll learn the roles that estrogen and progesterone play in your wellbeing, why your cycle is so much more than just a bleed each month and the chemicals that can impact your hormone balance.

Georgia also shares insights into understanding thyroid function and why magnesium is such a key nutrient in hormonal balance for women.

Watch the webinar: Harnessing Hormones with Georgia Hartmann

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Our hormones affect so elements of our wellbeing, from mood to energy, weight, sleep, hair growth, body temperature and even our immune function. The lifestyle tips that Georgia shared in this webinar can help us find balance and live our healthiest lives.

We’re so grateful to Georgia for sharing her knowledge with our community — you can find out more about her practice and the services she offers at Hormone Health Studio.

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