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How To Improve Gut Health Through Nutrition

Watch the replay of our webinar with dietitian Sarah Coghlan

Gut health is getting a lot of attention lately, so how can you eat to care for your gut health?

In this insightful webinar, dietitian Sarah Coghlan explains what you should eat to improve gut health. You’ll learn why drinking plenty of water is so important when you’re increasing fibre intake, how to record your symptoms to identify any food intolerances, and why managing stress is also important for your gut health.

Something for you and your family — a FREE month of preventative health care.

With the recent extension of Sydney's lockdown, there's never been a better time to time to be proactive about our health. Here at Drop, we think Osana's preventative healthcare offering is so good that we're giving Sydney-siders the chance to experience it for one month - FREE.

To claim this limited offer, follow the link below and you will receive the first month of Osana’s family or single membership* (valued at up to $55) at their Woollahra, Cremorne or Narrabeen clinic at no cost.⁠

Claim a free month of preventative healthcare with Osana

Why try Osana healthcare?

Osana's membership plan is a new concept to the healthcare industry. Their annual membership is part of their innovative approach to encourage you to be proactive about your health so they can focus on preventative care to keep you and your family well.
With a preventative approach to healthcare, Osana delivers better health outcomes for their members. As an Osana member, you’ll:

  • Save money on health care bills in the long term,
  • Stay out of hospital more
  • Live a healthier, happier and more independent life.

These flexible membership options are designed to support you. After all, everyone should be able to access quality healthcare from doctors who take the time to get to know you and plan ahead to keep you healthy!

If you aren't in Sydney, why not share this gift with a Sydney based friend or family member?

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