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Diet & Diabetes: What You Need To Know

Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos shares her research on the Mediterranean diet and Type 2 diabetes

Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos is the Executive Dean for Health & Medical Sciences at RMIT University. An accredited practising dietitian and a recognised expert in Dietetics, Catherine has international standing as a leader in Mediterranean diet research for the prevention and management of heart disease and diabetes. Catherine has authored about 100 scientific publications and published three books - presenting her research internationally.

Dr Catherine’s first event with Drop,  Eating For Health: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet was so insightful, and we were excited to welcome her back to explore her latest research into the Mediterranean diet for chronic disease and Type 2 diabetes.

In this event we learned why the Mediterranean diet isn’t just the food you select, it’s a lifestyle with many beneficial and preventative effects. Watch the replay below to learn:

  • Why eating with others matters
  • The benefits of gardening
  • The importance of polyphenols (olive oil) in your diet
  • Reasons to eat a whole tomato every day
  • Plus ten foods to include for optimal health

We hope you enjoy the webinar!

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Watch more from Dr Catherine

You can watch our first event with Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos Eating For Health: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet or and the ten foods to include as part of this style of eating.

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