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Making Healthy Habits Stick

Are you considering exercising, improving your diet or cutting down on alcohol? The reality for most people is that life is busy and sometimes overwhelming. So, even if you start making the changes you know you need to make, how can you make it a sustainable part of your life? In this Seminar, Dr Kate Gregorevic explains how making simple changes to our lifestyle can significantly impact our wellbeing. 

Dr Kate covers how to motivate yourself to get up and get active, the fundamental importance of sleep for good health, and how activities such as social interaction can largely affect wellbeing. 

About Dr Kate Gregorevic

Dr Kate Gregorevic is a doctor, researcher and mother of three. As a specialist in older adults, she has learnt the importance of incorporating lifestyle strategies in the long term to get the most out of life. Dr Kate will share the evidence behind the most important lifestyle strategies for health and how she takes an evidence-based approach to incorporate these into her busy life.

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