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Game-Changing Hacks For A Healthy Family

Creating a healthy routine is the cornerstone of parenting. However, as many of us know, sticking to these is not so easy. 

In this exclusive event, Amelia Phillips, a registered exercise scientist, nutritionist, and mum of four, shares simple hacks to change the game for parents, all backed not only by science but also by her personal experience!

This webinar will teach you tips for changing habits, eating healthy on a time crunch, leveraging exercise and hobbies, time-saving strategies, and so much more!


  • Time-efficient ideas to boost family diet
  • How to control screen time
  • How to identify addictions and depression 
  • Ways to sleep better
  • Promoting brain health and immunity 
  • Encouraging hobbies and exercise 
  • Hacks to beat time 

Amelia is a mother of four with a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Nutrition, and Masters in Human Nutrition. Over her two decades of experience, Amelia has Co-founded the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, Voome, and has a successful podcast series called Healthy Her. Operating as a CMO, CEO, Board member, and Business Owner for a range of businesses, Amelia has previously won the 'Top 50 places to work in 2014' award for one of these businesses. Amelia's passion as a mother, nutritionist and exercise scientist makes this webinar extremely valuable.

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