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How To Find Energy As A Working Mum

Mandy Millan, founder of Flo Wellbeing, shares how to re-energise through mindfulness

Have you ever wondered how you can find better energy throughout the day? Does multi-tasking really work?

In this webinar founder of Flo Wellbeing and working mum Mandy Millan shares her insights into how to find more energy by bookending your days using five helpful habits.

You’ll learn how meditation provides deep rest (and why it’s okay if you fall asleep during meditation), the power of mindfulness in your daily life and how to cope with the busy-ness of being a mum and managing competing priorities.

As an entrepreneur, Mandy also shares how she found her passion amidst the busy life she leads — with insights and tips into how you can do the same.  

We also dive into the relationship between passion and procrastination, and how to get started with an idea that you have. Watch the webinar below to gain Mandy’s insights into succeeding (and making mistakes!).

Mandy Millan is the Founder and CEO of Flo Wellbeing. After 20 years of working in and out of the corporate world, Mandy realised we don’t need to choose success over health and happiness– she knows your business can thrive while you do too, and it’s her mission to show people how.

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