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COVID-19 Vaccination For Kids & Families

Dr Stephanie Teoh returns to answer our community questions about vaccination for kids and pregnancy.

“Messenger RNA is different to DNA, it contains a code for a new protein that allows your body to make antibodies to fight the disease, priming your body to fight if it encounters the real virus.”

COVID-19 vaccination is now available to children and many industries or workplaces now require vaccination as a condition of employment. You may have even noticed that many corporations are offering incentives for those who are vaccinated!

With so much discussion about vaccination, we asked Dr Stephanie Teoh back to answer questions from our community about the COVID-19 vaccinations for children and how to weigh up the risks of vaccination.

During this event Dr Stephanie explained:⁠

  • How mRNA vaccinations work⁠
  • Categories of drugs and vaccinations and what they mean
  • Whether the vaccines affect our DNA⁠
  • Why it's so important for pregnant women to be vaccinated⁠
  • Why vaccination for children is a higher priority with the Delta variant

You can watch the replay here.

We are so grateful to Dr Stephanie for sharing with our community her advice on weighing up the risks of getting vaccinated for children, pregnant women and those planning to conceive.

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