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Isabella Gosling On Wellbeing & Women's Health

Host of Lets Talk Period Isabella shares her approach to wellness

Isabella is the Founder of Let's Talk, Period, a podcast and community for people who want real talk, raw stories and reputable information when it comes to all aspects of health and wellbeing. Each week she smashes stigmas and taboos around wellness, chronic illness, periods, reproductive and sexual health, and speaks with thought leaders within the health space.

Isabella holds a Bachelor of Education and has recently finalised her Bachelor of Nursing. After searching for answers for her pain for over six years, Isabella was diagnosed with endometriosis, and adenomyosis in 2015, at 20 years old. Since then, she has advocated for better care, treatment and support for those affected by chronic conditions such as endo, adeno and PCOS to more than just survive but to thrive also.  

Watch the webinar on demand: Understanding Adenomyosis

What does the term “wellbeing” mean to you?

Well-being means to me that I am feeling well in my mind, body and soul. Being well isn’t just a physical thing, and it’s important to focus on each area, and dedicate more time to the areas where you feel you might need more support to feel well.

What is the #1 thing you do for your wellbeing daily?

Each day I take time for meditation and gratitude. Sometimes I only have five minutes, and other days I can spend half an hour on my mindfulness routine. I find it helps put me into a more relaxed frame of mind for the day, or assists me with winding down after a busy day.

If someone suspects they have a women’s health condition like Adeno or Endo, where’s the best place to start? Is this something GP’s know about?

If you suspect you have endo or adeno, a good place to start is noting down symptoms or things that happen to you. How often is your period? Do you have pain with it? If so, what is this pain like, is the pain there all the time or with your period only? Where is the pain? Does the pain interfere with your normal activities such as school, work, study or movement? Is it painful when you go to the toilet to move your bowels or urinate?

Having answers to these questions sets you up in a good position, because the GP will most likely ask questions like this. Taking along your answers will help, as you can refer to it in case you forget something.

GP’s generally have a basic understanding of endo (adeno is less known), unless it’s a special interest for them. If you suspect you have endo or adeno, it’s important to make note of those questions, see your GP and ask to be referred to an excision specialist or endometriosis specialist.

Was there a turning point in your life where you began to prioritise your own wellness?

At 23, I really started to take the time to focus on myself. Before then I tried to ‘forget’ or ‘block out’ the fact that I had a chronic illness, and tried to keep pushing and pushing myself. I would just end up exhausted and in a huge amount of pain, flaring for days.

I realised that I couldn’t keep going like this, in this cycle, and that trying to be more balanced and kinder to myself was the best way forward.

Are there any books, podcasts or other health resources you recommend for our community?

If you are new to an endo or adeno diagnosis or want to know more about the conditions, I’d recommend reading How to Endo by Bridget Hustwaite. It’s a great intro to all the different aspects!

I’d also recommend my podcast Let’s Talk, Period. (shameless self promotion), as I chat with experts who share valuable info about endo, adeno and pcos. I also have people from the chronic illness community share their experiences too. There’s new episodes every Wednesday, wherever you get your podcasts!

What motivates you to prioritise your health wellbeing? (what does being healthy enable you to do)

What motivates me to prioritise my well-being is being able to do the things I love mostly pain free! Focusing on myself means I can spend time with my family and friends, move my body and continue to build the Let’s Talk, Period. community and create content to help others.

Watch the event replay with Isabella to learn more about Understanding Adenomyosis

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