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Drop Bio Health Announces the Appointment of Co-Founder Jim Liddle to Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Drop Bio Health is pleased to announce the promotion of company co-founder Jim Liddle to the role of Chief Operating Officer. Jim has led product development since the company was founded in 2018. 

"Since day one, Jim has demonstrated an outstanding ability to identify and address market and customer needs while bringing our team on an important journey hallmarked by a focus on quality and impact. Today, this journey continues, and our team, partners and customers all stand to benefit from his leadership", says Phil Hayes St Clair, Drop Bio Health's co-founder and CEO. 

Jim's passion for empowering people with actionable health insights has shaped Drop Bio Health's mission and culture from its foundation in 2018 to the launch of the company's first at-home blood and lifestyle testing service, WellBeing, in 2021. His expertise in medical device and product development focused on healthy ageing and disease prevention has proven crucial to Drop Bio Health’s growth and future opportunities.

 "I have been fortunate to experience the transformative power that a company like Drop Bio Health can have in people's lives, inciting curiosity and providing valuable insights about how daily actions impact our health. Our team has built an at-home testing platform with the potential to revolutionise how people engage with their health with more independence and autonomy. I am excited about the future of the business and honoured to be part of it", says Jim Liddle.

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