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6 Egg-cellent Tips For A Healthy Easter

Many of us look forward to Easter each year as we are able to be surrounded by family, loved ones, and of course, sweet treats and yummy food. However, the holidays often mean we lose sight of our health goals. In this article, we’ll cover how you can stay on top of your health goals this Easter whilst still enjoying all this holiday has to offer!

Start Your Day Off With A Healthy Breakfast

Even though we know those Easter eggs will tempt you for breakfast, we must start the day as healthy as possible, keeping in mind the sweet snacking we may be doing over the following days. Including lean protein in your first meal of the day will help control your appetite! Consider having some Greek yoghurt & fruit, a veggie omelette, fruits, or more to help you stay on track.

Find Time To Get Active

Even if it means joining the kids in the Easter egg hunt, staying active over this holiday is vital. The more active you are, the more sweet snacks you can have without veering too off track from your health goal.

Moderation Is Key

We should never stop ourselves from enjoying the things we love, even if it’s a few chocolate bunnies. However, it is always important to remember moderation is key! Too much of anything in life can damage our health & wellbeing, so when you’re enjoying your chocolates this weekend, remember to balance it with other snacks and meals you’ll be consuming.

Substitute Milk Chocolate For Dark Chocolate

Chocolate isn’t necessarily bad for us- in fact, it can benefit many areas, including our immune system, heart health, stress, and boost cognitive function! But making the right chocolate choice is fundamental!

Dark chocolate contains less added sugar and fat than milk or white chocolate and more essential minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, and more. These minerals all promote a range of health benefits to our wellbeing, proving in moderation, any chocolate can be good for us, especially dark chocolate!

Stay Hydrated

Chocolate and other sweet treats tend to make us feel thirstier than usual due to their high salt and sugar content. This is why it’s important to stay hydrated over Easter. Water can help counteract the adverse effects too many sweet treats have on our wellbeing.

Things To Keep In Mind

Whilst following the six tips above, there are also some important facts you may want to know!

  1. 28 grams of chocolate = 150 calories (roughly)
  2. Consuming an Easter egg (120 grams) takes a few seconds, but it takes approximately 80 minutes of exercise to burn it back off.
  3. Dark Chocolate contains more important minerals and antioxidants than milk or white chocolate, yet is usually higher in calories.

The Bottom Line

In moderation, chocolate isn’t bad for us and actually promotes some positive health impacts. However over the Easter period, it is very easy for that moderation to be lost as we are slowly veering further away from our health goals! The above tips can help you not only enjoy sweet things this Easter but also ensure you’re still steadily working towards your current health goals and aspirations.

We wish you and your loved ones a Healthy Easter!

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