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Unlocking Optimal Health: The Power of Biomarker Tracking

We all have heard the term 'biomarkers'. However, many of us are unsure about the role they play in modern medicine. In this article, we provide clarity on what biomarkers are and why understanding them is important for your health, wellbeing, and life. 

Defining biomarkers and what they do 

Biomarkers are measurable characteristics of the body and are primarily used to interrogate biological processes. As such, biomarkers are essential to determine whether a biological process is working in a normal (healthy) or abnormal (unhealthy) fashion. 

Biomarkers can be found in many forms and categorised into four main groups:

  • Molecular - Biophysical properties that can be found in biological samples such as plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, bronchoalveolar lavage or biopsy
  • Radiographic - Can be obtained from imaging studies, such as X-Rays or MRIs
  • Histologic - Biochemical or molecular alterations in cells, tissues, or fluids, which can typically be observed with a microscope
  • Physiologic - Measures of body processes, such as blood pressure to body temperature or heart rate
Types of biomarkers

Molecular Blood biomarkers, such as hormones for example, play a role in many areas of health, including fertility, digestion, and homeostasis (constant internal balance).

‘Blood Biomarkers are like little signatures. Your blood travels through all the parts of your body, and while it carries nutrients to your organs, it also collects waste and anything the organs don’t need. So, in the same way that when friends come back from a holiday with a golden tan, you know they were somewhere sunny - when blood goes through things like the heart, it picks up proteins (signatures) to say it has been there. In many ways, a sample of blood is filled with signatures the way our passports can be filled with stamps. Each stamp is specific to that location.’ - Dr Elizabeth Fletcher; Drop Bio Health.

How are blood biomarkers tracked? 

You would have had multiple and many blood biomarkers checked throughout your life. While historically, blood biomarker checks needed to be prescribed by a health professional, now companies like Drop Bio Health empower you to measure and track biomarkers when you wish from the comfort of your home.

Tracking biomarker changes over time enables you to uncover and address poor health trends with lifestyle adjustments before they start to impact your health and wellbeing.

How biomarker tracking gives you control over your health

Measuring and keeping track of blood biomarkers not only informs your current health status but also enables you to take informed and impactful action in your daily life to stay healthy now and into the future.

For example, Cortisol is a hormone best known for being released by the body in response to stress. It regulates energy, blood pressure, metabolism, inflammation and the sleep-wake cycle. With high Cortisol levels, you may experience weight gain, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and sleep problems. Low levels can be associated with  weakness, fatigue, weight loss or dizziness. 

Knowing your Cortisol levels are high enables you to take action to lower your stress levels, such as avoiding sugar and ultra-processed foods, avoiding caffeine and spending time exercising outside. Testing how your cortisol levels change over time gives you insight into how your daily actions are impacting your stress levels.

'Our bodies are so wonderfully complex that when things go wrong, they have at least one, if not two, backup systems to keep us functioning. That’s why it is so important to keep track of what is happening inside our bodies, so we can uncover poor health trends before they present any symptoms.' - Dr Elizabeth Fletcher; Drop Bio Health.

Become The Healthiest Version of Yourself

Understanding inflammation and its effects on the body enables you to take action and improve your overall health now to help you age well into the future. The WellBeing Test is a private blood test that delivers a health report by analysing multiple blood biomarkers. Discover what your blood is telling you and receive actionable insights into the core health areas of energy, sleep, stress, inflammation, fitness and body fat composition.

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