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The Inside Out Approach To Weight Management Q&A

During our recent live event The Inside Out Approach To Weight Management we received a number of questions that we ran out of time to answer. We reached out to Amelia Phillips to respond to the questions from our audience.


I had gastric sleeve surgery almost 4 years ago & it was really successful. But then I found I was getting quite thin & it messed with my head & I thought I could stabilise the weight for a while to get used to it & then lose the next 5kgs. WELL.... I drank more alcohol, I ate more rubbish, I could still only eat a small meal, but I slowly gained weight & then BAM..... 10kgs back on. Will this program work for me?

Amelia Phillips: I’m sorry to hear you have had a rollercoaster, and this is not an uncommon occurrence after gastric sleeve surgery. Yes my program is perfect for you. It sounds like we need to make some lifestyle adjustments to shift some of the habits that have led to your weight gain. I’ll show you the simplest way to get back on track and we will also look into some of the mindset shifts needed so this doesn’t mess with your head again!

Can I do this program as someone living with Type 1 diabetes?

Amelia Phillips: Yes, you can. All the lifestyle modifications are complementary to your condition, and can be safely included. If you choose the intermittent fasting protocol I would suggest more closely monitoring your blood glucose for the first two week. Here is some more info on IF with T1D. The ‘outsource my meals’ is also fine to use when you have managed T1D.  Following an energy balanced eating protocol along with regular exercise is very helpful for managing T1D.  


Will the challenge help with any health issues or just weight loss?

Amelia Phillips: My program is a lifestyle intervention program rather than a medical treatment program. If you have a health condition that will benefit from weight loss, healthier eating, regular exercise and mindset work then, yes it certainly can help! However I cannot provide unique treatments for specific medical conditions. In my experience the best approach is to continue with your specialist for managing that condition (medication etc), then use my program for the lifestyle intervention element. EG I get many clients with thyroid issues, their endocrinologist provides all the medication and management advice, and I provide all the lifestyle intervention programs. 


I am also gaining weight around the waist with menopause and age. Can this help me?

Amelia Phillips: Yes my program can most definitely help! You are right, extra subcutaneous and visceral belly weight is a common side effect of menopause (lucky us!). The good news is that the visceral fat (belly fat between organs) is usually the fastest responding to diet and exercise. Embarking on a program like this during and soon after menopause really sets you up for that next season of life, and I’d be excited to have you on my program! 

I am an anxious eater and can’t control myself. Can this work for me?

Amelia Phillips: Sounds like we have some unpacking to do. Most definitely my program is a great place to get to the bottom of your anxious eating (or stress eating). This sounds like a habit that has become so ingrained you find it almost impossible to shake off (and you’re not alone, many struggle with this!). My program is all about effective habit change and I will be teaching you and supporting you as we go through 8 weeks of shaking these unhelpful habits. It’s great you’ve identified your main habit you want to change, so then on my program we will work through the 5 steps to effective habit change (you may have heard in my webinar about identifying the main triggers), and then finding a more helpful replacement habit. I’m excited to work with you on this one!

I have tried all the diets, you name it, I’ve done it and nothing seems to work, what should I be doing?

Amelia Phillips: I feel your pain, and you are not alone! You are the perfect candidate for my circle of success framework. We need to get that ring around you strong and buoyant by beefing up all the six elements. Diet and exercise are only one part of the equation (the ‘Plan’). We need to make habit change easier not harder, and work through all other elements. We also need to let go of any yo-yo tendencies. I can help with all of this, and my 8 week Inside Out Challenge is designed for your exact situation. 

The 8-Week Inside Out Challenge is now on sale and places are stricly. Get your spot here.

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