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A New Version of the WellBeing Test is in the Making

WellBeing is a journey, and since our first launch in May 2022, we decided to introduce several exciting improvements to provide our members with a more insightful health and wellbeing experience. We call it WellBeing 2.0, and we are very excited to bring it to you.

The WellBeing Test helps you take control of your own health from the comfort of your home. It detects and helps revert poor health trends before they start to impact how you feel. It also indicates positive trends to be maintained so you can cultivate a longer, healthier life.

The test provides a blood biomarker test and an in-depth lifestyle assessment. Through them it is possible to determine current health, trends for future health and craft an action plan to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Overall Blood Score

How the WellBeing Test works

The WellBeing Test analyses the quality of your lifestyle and 36 blood biomarkers to show how your body and health are changing over time. The goal is to provide you with insights you can act on and help nurture your health now and into the future - identifying positive and negative health trends before they impact your wellbeing.

You can take the WellBeing test from home. Select how often you would like to get tested on our website, order your kit, answer a detailed lifestyle survey, collect a finger-prick blood sample and use the pre-paid mailer to ship it back to our laboratory at the University of New South Wales. In less than 3 weeks, you will receive your results in your lifetime secure online account - so you can log in at any time to keep track of your testing history.

The outcome is that people will be enabled to answer three fundamental questions:

-         How healthy am I right now?

-         How is my health changing over time?

-         What can I do to improve?

Lifestyle Categories Assessed by WellBeing Survey

Your results include:

-         Blood Biomarker Test Results to express your current health status

-         Lifestyle Assessment to help you visualise how your daily habits are impacting your current and future health

-         Recommendations to help you focus on the areas which will have the highest impact on your current and future health and wellbeing

Blood Biomarker Categories assessed by the WellBeing Finger-Prick Test

Consistency is Key

As we age, our bodies and health are constantly changing. That is why assessing and acting upon health trends over time is crucial. The regular WellBeing test check-ins enable you to manage your health from the comfort of your home.

We offer an experience that combines digital health and advanced remotely sampled, longitudinal blood biomarker analysis to support early warning and individual wellbeing. If you want early access to the new WellBeing test, sign up for our Waitlist below.

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