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How Alcohol Affects Your Mind And Body

January 31, 2023 6:00 PM
January 31, 2023 7:00 PM
On Demand
WellBeing For Teams

Are you wanting to make some changes to your relationship with alcohol this year? Alcohol impacts both the mind and body in many different ways, from how we eat during the day to how we sleep at night. Whether you are wanting to take a break or simply reduce the amount or frequency that you drink, this event will help you understand the way that alcohol can affect our health and provide some tips and inspiration for drinking less.

Join clinical nurse consultant and mental health specialist Steve Kay who will take us through the journey that alcohol takes through the body, and the physiological processes that take place when we drink. We will discuss what healthy alcohol consumption looks like and both the short and long term benefits of reducing how much we drink, along with how to safely reduce or stop drinking.

We will also be joined by founder and CEO of non-alcoholic drinks superstore Sans Drinks, Irene Falcone, who will share the story behind its origins and the cultural insights that inspired it, along with some ideas and inspiration for going alcohol-free.

Both Steve and Irene will also answer questions from our audience on the topic.

Key Points Covered

  • Alcohol and its journey through the body.
  • The differences between healthy vs unhealthy alcohol consumption.
  • Benefits of reducing alcohol consumption.
  • Understanding the reasons we drink.
  • Support and strategies to reduce or cease consumption safely.

Giveaway Opportunity!

Wanting to try out some zero alcohol options? In the event, we will be giving away 2 Sober Bundles from Sans Drinks valued at $173.65 each!!

Sans Drinks Sober Bundle^

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If you’re ready to start fostering a healthier relationship with alcohol you won’t want to miss this free online event.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol call or visit Lifeline https://www.lifeline.org.au 131114

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Clinical Nurse Steve Kay & Founder of Sans Drinks Irene Falcone

About Steve Kay

Steve is a clinical nurse who has specialised in mental health and addiction and is a passionate thought leader of mental health in the workplace, having witnessed firsthand, the exponential rise in mental health disorders.

About Irene Falcone

Irene is the founder of Sans Drinks, a non-alcoholic beer, wine & spirits superstore that helps people find and fall in love with non-alcohol drinks. In 2012 she founded NOURISHED LIFE to disrupt the mainstream beauty industry and prove that natural, organic and sustainable products were the future, starting with only $100 and growing it to a $20m annual T/O in 5 years. She was awarded 2016 Telstra Business Women of the Year for NSW was also on the Top 50 people in retail list.

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