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Q&A Postnatal Depletion Series: Signs and Symptoms

Today, there are increasing numbers of mothers experiencing postnatal, neuro-inflammatory problems such as postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and postpartum fatigue. “Postnatal Depletion” is a term Dr Oscar Serrallach created, encompassing both these disease and non-disease states.

This Q&A is a part of a Postnatal Depletion Series created to help new mums who need answers from an expert. Covering everything from inflammation, diet, supplements, practitioner support, signs & symptoms, and breastfeeding.

In this particular Q&A, Dr Oscar answers questions from our community regarding signs & symptoms of postnatal related issues.

Key points covered

  • Signs, symptoms and what they mean
  • What to look out for
  • How to reduce symptoms

About Dr Oscar Serrallach

Dr Oscar Serrallach MBChB FRACGP is a dedicated practitioner in Maternal Care.


After completing his training at Auckland Medical School, he explored a range of specialist areas, including emergency medicine, psychiatry, Aboriginal men’s health, addiction medicine and nutritional medicine.


Oscar’s studies in Functional Medicine – looking at the root cause of disease - coincided with the early years of starting a family. Witnessing the struggles of his partner, as well as many other Mothers through his clinical work, he recognised a gap in medical research. So he started to consider the unique science of pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery. 

Since 2010, Oscar has primarily focused his clinical work on supporting Mothers and pioneering further studies in Postnatal Depletion. He combines the latest science in postnatal physiology with traditional wisdom to provide hope and innovative support to mothers who feel depleted years after childbirth.


In 2015, a Q&A style interview on Goop with Dr Serrallach about postnatal depletion went viral. Many women commented and shared their own experiences and described a sense of validation and relief. The resulting book on the subject, The Postnatal Depletion Cure, written by Dr Serrallach and published by Goop Press, was released in 2018.


Oscar’s firmly held belief is that there is nothing more important than the health and well-being of Mothers. When Mothers are happy, healthy and rested, our families benefit, our communities benefit and society benefits.