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Dr Ginni Mansberg shares strategies for raising healthy teens and tweens

As a General Practitioner, Dr Ginni Mansberg noticed that being a teenager, and being a parent of teenagers , is getting tougher.

Collaborating with clinical psychologist Jo Lamble, she wrote "The New Teen Age", a practical guide for parents to navigate social media, technology and build healthy relationships with their tweens and teens.

In this webinar we ask Dr Ginni your questions! From sleep to technology. You'll learn that less than 30% of teens get enough sleep, something that central to teens' health, plus practical strategies to improve it.

Dr Ginni explores the role of making mistakes through her philosophy of "hearts on fire" or "pants on fire" and you'll learn how to use Connection, Compassion, Competence, Confidence and Collaboration to gain buy-in for healthy behaviour.

Key points covered

-The importance of sleep when growing up

-How to effectively communicate and connect with teens

-Effective strategies in raising teens

-Challenged todays teens face

-How we can do better for our teens

-Generals Do's & dont's

About Dr Ginni Mansberg

Australia’s best known and most trusted TV doctor, Ginni Mansberg is a mum, an author and a Sydney GP. Ginni appears in Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (Channel 9), Sunrise & Morning Show (Channel7), Things You Can't Talk About on TV (Youtube), various mags, and podcasts. She has more than a few kids, 2 exuberant dogs and is a wannabe Masterchef and dedicated caffeine addict. Making her someone many of us can relate to!

Dr Ginni is the author of the successful book 'The M Word' which breaks down the misconceptions of Menopause and how we can survive and thrive in this new stage of life. Dr Ginni also has a new venture soon to be released 'Don't Sweat it' which will provide insights, supports and course for Menopause, and Peri-menopause in the Workplace.